About Us

About Us

Our Story

Our journey that started in Havran, Kocadağ...


Exploration of Akçay, Mount Ida

It would not be wrong to say that our journey started with the step we took for a holiday in Akçay in 1990.


Our first olive grove in Kocadağ Village

We entered the world of olive and olive oil by purchasing our first places in Kocadağ village of Havran. Our ten years have been spent following and learning traditional methods.


Our First Olive and Olive Oils

The admiration of the products we obtained by our friends caused us to buy new olive groves as well as the question of how we can do this job better.


Our first cold pressing machine

We started pressing the olives ourselves by purchasing a farm-type boutique cold-pressed olive oil machine.


We started to sort our olives ourselves.

We started to make our own olives by purchasing farm type, olive screening, cracking and scratching machines together.


... and our project was approved

Our geographically indicated, good agriculture, olive and olive oil production project has been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry;


We established our new modern facility

In our 31,000 ㎡ olive grove; we started producing with our new machines in a modern and hygienic facility with 1,250 ㎡ closed and 1,500 ㎡ open areas.

Our Certificates

Good Agriculture - Early Harvest - Cold Press

Certificate Helal

Quality Management System Certificate

Food Safety Management System Certificate

Environmental Management System Certificate

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate

Geographical Sign Registration Certificate
Business Registration Certificat
Trademark registration certificate

Analysis Reports

Good Agriculture - Early Harvest - Cold-Press

Edremit Bay Green Scratched Olive Analysis Report
Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2020 October Harvest)

Pestisit Tayini

Cracked Olive – 20.10.2020

Green and Black Olive (14.10.2019)

Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Early Harvest Cold-Pressed Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2019 Harvest)

Yeşil Zeytin

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